Guest House Rules & Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy:

    • Cancellations more than 31 days prior to visit forfeit 2% of the total booking quote to cover credit

    card and banking fees.

    • Cancellations between 30 and 15 days prior to the visit forfeit 50% of the total booking quote.
    • Cancellations between 14 and 1 days prior to the visit forfeit 100% of the total booking quote.
    • For non-arrival/no show/premature departure 100% of total booking quoted is payable.

    General rules:

    • No Parties are allowed.
    • Minimum noise after 9pm.
    • Only paid guests are allowed on the premises – no visitors.
    • We will hold you responsible for any damage or loss caused to our property by your acts or omissions,

    default, accident or neglect. By booking with us you agree to indemnify us and to pay us on demand

    an amount reasonably required to make good or to rectify such damage or loss caused by you.

    Normal wear and tear are excluded.

    • No pets allowed.
    • Please keep the gate closed at all times.
    • Please respect other guests and their privacy at all times.
    • Late check-out can result in a penalty fee.
    • If you have any problems during your stay please contact us – We are here to help 😊.


    • Check-in is from 14:00pm – Earlier can be arranged if possible.


    • Check-out is 10:00am – Late check-out can result in a penalty fee.


    • Breakfast packs is optional – R120.00pppd 2023 rate.

    Room keys on departure:

    • Please hand your room keys in at the reception.
    • Lost room keys or room keys forgotten to hand in on departure will result in a penalty fee of R200.00


    • Smoking in the rooms is completely forbidden!
    • Smoking in the rooms will result in a penalty fee of R400.00 per room.
    • Smoking outside is allowed as long as you use the ashtrays provided.

    Parking Lot:

    • Parking is available free of charge for all house guests.
    • Please only park in the designated parking areas.
    • Please keep the gate closed at all times.
    • Do not leave any valuables inside your car while it is parked. The Wilds Lodge cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any such articles while your car is parked.


    • No cigarette buds, cotton buds, tampons, sanitary pads or any other material, other than toilet papermay be flushed down the toilet. Charges will occur for any blockage.

    General incapacity:

    • The Wilds Lodge cannot be held liable if any of the following events or conditions prevents the

    guest house from fulfilling its obligation to guests. However, the guest house will take necessary steps

    to minimize disruption and discomfort to guests under these conditions:

    * Unanticipated interruption to electricity, water, sewage to and from the guest house;

    * Industrial actions, civil uprising or criminal activity;

    * Fire, frost, flooding, wind or any other force major event.

    • Because we have several guests, we ask you to respect each other concerning cleanliness of the

    common areas and noise level. If we receive complaints, you will be given a warning. Further complaints are subject to the termination of stay. We reserve the right to end a reservation if a guest becomes a disturbance/nuisance to others including management.

    • Please respect the house and its occupants.

    Environmental Policy:

    • The owners of The Wilds Lodge are dedicated to the protection of our planets resources and

    would encourage our guests to help us by:

    • Switching off lights when not in use
    • Ensuring that taps are always turned off after use
    • Avoiding the unnecessary use of towels – just use what you need
    • We thank you in advance for your comprehension and co-operation.

    By booking accommodation with us you accept all the rules above.